Sucher Law Firm has successfully collected past due invoices, bills and accounts payable on behalf of both businesses and individuals who have sought redress from persons who have failed to pay for received goods or services.

Conversely, Sucher Law Firm has also defended those who have been wrongly sued or who are in need of assistance to pay down past due debts and avoid litigation. Sucher Law Firm has been successful in both prosecuting and defending collection actions.

  • Commercial Debt Collection
  • Debt Collection (Consumers)
  • Debt Collections (Professionals)
  • Judgment Enforcement
  • Pre-suit Collection
  • Strategy Development
  • Counterclaim Defense
  • and more.

If you are owed a debt, or you need representation for a debt you do not owe call us today and learn how Sucher Law can help. We are experienced Michigan collection attorneys, and we will get results!

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